dev notes


- Drastically reduced the sell value of equipment, it was way too easy to make money.

- Changed star attacks so they consume 2 stars max, allows to better mix them in with other magic uses (heal, charge) and makes mana more valuable in general.

- Increased the damage on Ghould Launchers, was almost 0 before

- Other smaller tweaks. Keyboard shortcuts are still not hooked up... I'm actually getting used to playing with out them?! But, I'll hook them back up soon :).


Big update to the UI, lots of overall polish pieces to the visuals. New mana system, etc, etc. Unfortunately this update resets all of your progress. I will work hard to avoid that in the future - I know it sucks, even for a Beta. Future updates won't be as drastic.


- 'E' no longer works for interact, you have to press the gears button. I'll add 'E' back in soon, sorry for the hassle.

- Clicking Rorke's portrait (top left) now opens the character panel: stats, equipment and inventory

- Pixie Fire is used by pressing the icon at the top right, not 'Q'

UPDATES - Mar 29

- Doubled the the mana cost of Heroic Charge, it was over powered.

- Fixed a set of general bugs around "challenge encounters" which would cause the hero to be stuck in a room that they couldn't get out of.

- Laid the foundation for a new mana system that will improve the tactics around combat, more details when it's in released.


As of our upgrade to Silverlight 5 (done to support XNA Sound Effects, improved performance, etc), Shadow Spire no longer works correctly on Mac - across all new browser versions. This is 'by design' according to Microsoft. They claim to support Safari 4+ and Firefox 3.6+ but in my testing and research this isn't true.

Of course I think this totally sucks, as cross platform support is the entire point of Silverlight, but sadly there is not much I can do about it unless Microsoft does an update. Which is probably unlikely. So a huge sorry in advance.

UPDATE - Mar 27

- Upgraded to Silverlight 5, which means no more sound effect bugs and improved overall graphics performance. This also allowed for modification of sound effects so there is now more variety for things like monster groans when they get hit.

- Switched to 'Space' key for continuing Story text

- Updated visuals for all story text to use "character coins" rather than bust shots

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